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Frequent Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Free Account and a Paid Account
In order to make the process of finding lost items as easy as possible, we want to have as many users able to scan the StrayHat QR code as possible. To do this we distribute the StrayHat application broadly via the Apple iTunes Store. The app is free, so everyone in the school community can use the app to scan and notify the owner of where their lost property is.

The paid service allows the users to own the StrayHat tags, to update the system, to share the system with friends and family to be notified of found items and to recover the items.The StrayHat system is paid via an annual charge. This is set at a level where the annual subscription is less than the replacement of a school hat, and much less than the school bag or the missing violin.

How many Children can I put on the system?
The StrayHat annual fee covers a family. We allow up to 5 separate named individuals to have tags ordered. Not enough? Please give us a call. 

Can I Tag an item with a Paid Account
Yes, you can tag and assign it to an item such as a hat, coat, lunchbox.

Can I tag an item with a free account?

Can I find an item with a free account?
Yes, You can use the free app in two ways. You can visit as a GUEST and scan tags, and inform the owner where the lost property is located and what time it was there. This is perfect for school teachers who can SCAN items as they place in the lost property bin.

You can also use the FREE app with an Account. 
·       You can still SCAN and find lost property, 
·       Update a FOUND item
·       Have Tags SHARED with you

This means that you can see the items that have been shared with you, what is missing etc. It also means that you will receive an email when an item has been found, showing a map of its location.

 What is a QR Code
QR Code or Quick Response Code is a type of barcode. A QR code consists of square dots arranged in a square grid which can be read by a device such as a camera. 

Is it safe?
StrayHat QR codes are safe. They are generated by our systems automatically before you purchase them. This means that no personal data is held in a StrayHat QR Code – no names, no phone numbers, no email addresses, no physical addresses.

StrayHat is secure. Once a tag is assigned to your account you will be the only one able to use it. Nobody else can access your data.

What if I don’t Have an iPhone/Smartphone
The StrayHat system works well without a mobile phone. You can still buy tags, attach them to items and register them – all via our web interface. When your items are FOUND then you will receive an email that notifies you what the item is, where it is and when it was found.

We are working on an Android mobile app as our next priority. We will look at other mobile platforms such as Windows/Blackberry as the demand from users changes.

What version of iOS do I need
Apple iPhone IOS 6.1 and above. Also works on most iPod Touch Version 6.1 and above. Note that a camera is required on the latest versions of iPhones and iPod Touch. Download Here 

Will it work on my iPad
Yes, it will be the same size as the iPhone pages. iPads will require a camera.
How Does it Work on Android?
Needs Android version 3 and up

Who can I share info with?
You can share tag info in two ways:

Share All – you can share all the tag information to friends and family. For example, parent 1 can share with parent 2 and another care giver e.g. nanny.  This done in the My Account area under Set Up - just add the email address.

Share Individual Tag – if you have a specific item of high value (e.g. a violin) you can share that specific item with an individual such as the music tutor. This is done via the Share feature of each Tag - switch to Share and enter the email address.

Can someone track my child using StrayHat?
No. StrayHat tags cannot be tracked, they can old be read using the camera on your phone and our StrayHat app.

Does your system use Bluetooth?
No. There are a number of new devices on the market that use Bluetooth to track items. This solution usually consists of a little electronic tag that sends out a signal that is picked up by a phone and the app on the phone. These solutions are built for tagging and tracking PC's, luggage etc. Each tag costs in the region of $20-40.

Common Terms

SCAN – use the StrayHat code reader to SCAN and identify the tag owner  

SHARE – the account owner SHARES the tags they own with friends and family

FIND – if you SCAN an item that is yours, the system updates to record that you have recovered your LOST item. 

If you SCAN another person’s item, it informs them of when and where the item was when found.